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We take a unique approach to conducting environmental and human rights due diligence. Our methodology is grounded in thorough research, transparency, and stakeholder engagement.


Some of our key services include:

We conduct comprehensive assessments of our clients’ operations and supply chains to identify potential environmental risks related to issues such as climate change, pollution, waste management, and water usage.

We help our clients assess their supply chains for potential human rights violations, such as forced labor, child labor, and other forms of exploitation.

Once we have identified potential risks, we work with our clients to develop strategies to address these risks and mitigate their impact on the environment and human rights.

We help our clients to comply with relevant laws and regulations related to environmental and human rights issues, and ensure that they are operating in a way that meets ethical and social responsibility standards.

We provide comprehensive due diligence reports that outline potential risks related to environmental and human rights issues and provide recommendations for addressing these risks.

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